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Appetizers , Soup



A1.KANOM PUK NAH MOO-GOONG              5.95
Mince pork and shrimp,Seasoned with special Thai sauce,
herbs and cilantro,spread on bread and deep frieds

A2.SPRING ROLLS(4 PC.)                  5.95
Glass noodles and vegetables with a blend of seasonings.
Wrapped in spring roll skin,deep-fried and served with sweet and sour sauce.

Mince shrimps seasoned with Thai sauce and herbs.
Wrapped on lemongrass leaves,deep fried and served with sweet and sour sauce.

A4.CRISPY NOODLE                   6.95
Thai crispy noodles and shrimp with sweet and sour sauce

A5.GOONG HOM SABI(3PC.)                 6.95
Seosoned prawns.Wrapped in spring rool skins,deep-fried and
served with sweet chilli sauce

A6.GOLDEN UMBRELLA(4PC.)              7.95
Deep fried chicken wing.Marinated chicken in special Thai sauce and herbs.
Served with sweet ann sour sauce.

A7.FISH CAKE(4PC.)                             7.95
Deep fried fish cake mixed with chilli and green beans
Served with sweet sauce mixed with cucumber and peanuts

A8.SATAY CHICKEN(4PC.)                7.95
Grilled chicken on a skewer.Marinated in blend of herbs,spices
and coconut milk.Served with Thai peanut sauce.

A9.CALAMARI(10PC.)                  7.95
Deep fried Calamari,Marinated with Thai spices.
Served with sweet and sour sauce.

A10.MIX APPETIZERS                 12.95
2 Satay,2 sring roll,2 kanom puk nah moo-goong,5 calamari
Served with sweet and sour sauce,and peanut sauce.


Traditional Thai hot and spicy soup with mushroom.
Flavored with lemongrass,kaffir lime leaves,galangal.

Traditional Thai coconut soup with mushroom.
Flavored with lemongrass,kaffir lime leaves,galangal.

Clear soup with tofu and glass noodles

Vegetable                       Small 4.95                Large 8.95
Chicken                           Small 4.95                Large 8.95
Prawns                              Small 5.95               Large 9.95
Assorted Seafood      Small 6.95                Large 11.95